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Wow this week went by fast. I went back to work Monday after two weeks off. Of course I returned to a shitload of work. Which, in turn, is why the week went by so fast.

The semester starts September 1st. I’ve completely reorganized my class and we’re starting with a new textbook (well, a new edition of the same textbook) so I had to go through and redo all of my homework assignments. All of the page numbers and problem numbers had changed. That alone took two days. Luckily I have today off and next Friday too.

Oh yeah, and my 7am course has enough students that I’m actually going to have to teach it at 7am. *headwall*

I’ve given up control of our one and only TV set for the rest of August. A friend of ours is taking a trip back home to Trinidad and won’t be back until September 1st. He loaned my husband his PS3 and a copy of GTA4. He’s off for the month of August and being pretty good about things. He’s playing primarily during the day while I’m at work but I have my DVR set.

I got something cool in the mail yesterday. I have a small collection of meteorites. Because it’s totally cool to be able to hold a piece of the asteroid belt in your hand. Most of them are chondrites, stony meteorites. But I have two iron meteorites, small ones because they are much more rare and heavier so more expensive. I had this one made into a necklace.

It’s a shrapnel fragment from the Sikhote-Alin fall in Russia. My friend wrapped it in silver and mounted it for me.

Well, I guess I was too busy with real life this week for anything more interesting to happen.
Yay for the weekend...



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