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Would you survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead series. I've been reading the monthlies since the beginning. So I was definitely interested when a TV series based on the comic books was announced.

I was also a little nervous that, like so many other series based on books or comic books, the story would be mangled or done half-assed. So I made sure to attend the Walking Dead panel at Comic Con. And I am happy to say that the writer and artists who do the comic book retained creative control over the series.

And, the makeup is kick ass cool. The amount of detail they are putting into this is just incredible. Check out the videos and pictures on AMC's website: The Walking Dead TV Series.

I've started rereading the whole series from the beginning after picking up the first three collections at the Image Comics booth at Comic Con. Much easier than going back through the monthlies, not all of which I still have.

I really have no idea if anyone who follows me here is into this or not but I am totally stoked for the series premier in October.

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