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Getting old sucks but the alternative is no better...

So, I went to the eye doctor yesterday because, well, my eyes suck. And, since my insurance doesn't cover glasses, I went to the Walmart vision place to get my prescription done. They do a pretty thorough exam and even dilate your eyes but I couldn't do that because I drove myself. Anyway, my distance vision is about the same as last time I got my eyes checked, mild suckyness, but my close-up vision is definitely worse. I knew this already which is why I went in the first place.

I was hoping they would be able to use the frames I already had but because they are frameless frames they wouldn't. Apparently most places won't since they are too easily damaged. So, I decided to look for new frames. Walmart's frames are really inexpensive compared to what I'm used to. I found another frameless pair that I liked and the total cost was well within my budget for glasses. When the woman went to ring me up, it turned out the frames were back-ordered.

This was after work. I was tired and hungry and didn't feel like farting around any more so I asked for a copy of my prescription and told them to hold everything until I had a chance to look around a bit.

This morning I called Pearle Vision, where I originally purchased my frames figuring if anyone would be able to give me knew lenses for these frames, it would be them. As it turns out, since I purchased the frames there originally they would put new lenses in them.


Well, until they started breaking everything down cost-wise.

It turns out that it is still actually cheaper to get new frames with progressive bifocal lenses at Walmart than it is to just get progressive bifocal lenses at Pearle or any of the other major eyeglass chains.

So, now I have to trek back to Walmart after work today. With any luck I'll have new glasses next week and the world won't look blurry anymore.

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