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Test post and an update of sorts

I'm testing out to cross-posting to Twitter. This will save me a bunch of time if works.

Classes began today. Lots of confused and slightly lost-looking freshmen wandering around. I ducked into my office and I think I will just hide here today. My classes don't meet until tomorrow and for the first time in years, I'm actually ready before the last minute. Yay for planning ahead.

Things are still crazy here and it's not likely to calm down anytime soon. At least no one else has been fired... yet. I had a bunch more work dropped on me the other day. Unfortunately the firings are a cost-cutting measure so those positions won't be refilled, which means the pile on my desk is only going to get bigger.

Ok, I should have titled this post, "Bitching and Whining"

I'm gonna stop now.
Back to work.

Oh yeah, and there's a hurricane coming this way. *sigh*

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