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Recursive posting and a hurricane update...

I happened to notice something yesterday quite by accident. I had set my twitter cross-posting to automatic. That is, the little twitter box would be checked by default and could remove it if I didn't want a post to go to twitter. What I didn't consider was that my twitter updates are auto-posted to LJ every night.

Can you see where this is going?

My twitter posts were being automatically posted back to twitter, which would have been reposted to LJ, which would have reposted to twitter...

10 post to twitter
20 repost to LJ
30 goto 10

*points to icon*

Recursive posting is recursive.

Here's the most recent path for Hurricane Earle from NOAA>

We are now decidedly outside the cone of doom but still under a tropical storm warning. Just barely though. The arrow is pointing at Long Island. That dividing line between the blue, tropical storm warning, and the yellow, tropical storm watch, is where I am. Whatever hits us will hit this afternoon.

And after the day the Dean and I had yesterday, we came to the mutual decision that today would be a holiday from work. So I get to ride out this storm comfortably at home working on a graphics project.

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