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Random update is random...

OK, Mondays suck.

**My body has gotten used to the whole having to get up early thing. It’s even doing it when it doesn’t have to. I am going to have to start making use of the extra time in the mornings on the days I don’t teach.

**Work is still full of the crazy. Not even going to go into it.

**I got to class this morning to find all of my students standing outside the room. The door was locked. WTF. It’s just a classroom. It’s not a smart room. There isn’t even a computer in it. It took security 10 minutes to get there to unlock it after I called.

**I turned my LJ communities over to other people this weekend. I’m just not into it any more and trying to get my online life in order.

**I’m getting used to my new glasses. I have to resist the urge to take them off after I read or drive or stuff like that. I’m so used to switching back and forth between reading glasses and distance glasses that taking them off is second nature, Of course the other extreme is no better. I forgot I had them on this morning when I stepped into the shower.

**So, my Penguins of Madagascar mood theme is getting a lot of hits. I think I may do a Spongebob one next. I found one already made but I didn’t like it very much and it was formatted all wonky. Who makes a mood theme where the images are all different file formats?

I’m tired. Gonna veg in front of the Science Channel and try to stay awake for a couple more hours.



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