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Update: the crud, TV this week, The Man From Earth...

I actually feel better today. I’m resisting the urge to say “screw it” and go into work. I’m going to rest at home today and make sure this is actually going away. I have to be at work Thursday and Friday, don’t need to be there today.

My sisters and I are surprising my dad this weekend and taking him out to dinner for his 70th birthday. His actual birthday is a week from today but we all work so... And this way he can say that he’s not actually 70 yet.

So, TV, let’s see...

I watched Detroit 187. I liked it enough to record the season. I’m always wary when shows get compared to NYPD Blue but this one was close enough for me to keep watching.

I wasn’t too sure about CSI:NY this season without Melina Kanakaredes. I don’t watch enough TV to know who Sela Ward was before I saw the episode. If one episode is enough to tell, I like her and I like her character.

Miami and Mythbusters are both back with new episodes starting this weekend. And there will be another episode of Bad Universe airing after Mythbusters on Wednesday. If you are a fan of Mythbusters, check out Bad Universe. The first episode was really good and Phil is an awesome host.

I’ll probably continue doing my reviews here since I’m not working for the other blog anymore. There will be a few days lag since all of my shows are on late the nights before I have to teach early. Also, I’m not going to bother with the recap crap. I never cared for that part. I’ll only recap enough to give you an idea of what went on if you haven’t seen the episode yet. But the play by play recaps were kinda stupid, in my opinion.

I watched The Man From Earth for the first time this weekend. It was recommended to me by some other DLS fans.

Before I say anything else, since I post these updates to Twitter and I don’t know for certain who reads them, in a cosmic coincidence, Rebecca Watson from Skepchick also saw this movie for the first time this weekend and wrote a review. I’m not surprised we had different opinions on the movie.

She did not like it. And while I’m willing to admit that it was a bit cheesy and predictable at points, John was Jesus and all that, overall I liked it. It’s not a theatrical production. The entire movie takes place in John’s livingroom as he and his friends carry on a discussion. She saw this as low production values but I saw something different. While not by any means at the same level, the dialog wasn’t as good, it is in the same genre as My Dinner With Andre. The overall concept of the movie is pretty interesting and there was something about the story itself that I couldn’t easily set aside after I’d watched it. It stuck with me for a few days and I have the urge to watch it again.

Everyone has to develop their own opinion. I would recommend this movie but I would also make sure that the person I was recommending it to knew what it was about. If you’re an atheist and not too picky, i.e. me, you will probably love the movie. If you’re religious and not too picky, you will probably find it mildly sacrilegious but interesting. If you are picky about movies and tend to over analyze, you will hate it. And, of course, if all you are interested is a solid hour and a half of David Lee Smith on screen, you can’t go wrong with this movie. :)

Decide where you fall, read about it on IMDB, then decide to watch it or not.

But as far as I’m concerned, if it provokes discussion, it’s worth a watch.

OK, the crud is taking over again and I’m getting tired.
Time to collapse on the sofa.

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