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OMG sick again, new ipod, CSI: Miami...

OMG I think I'm getting sick again.

Scratchy throat, sneezing, headache...

Somebody shoot me.

I got the new ipod nano. It arrived today. It's so tiny but it holds a shitload of stuff. All of my music and all of my podcasts with plenty of room to spare.

(image from store.apple.com because none of my cameras want to work right now)

I finally got to watch CSI: Miami this evening. I tried to stay up last night but fell asleep before it came on.

I did my best to avoid any spoilers regarding the case.

The story was well done with just enough misdirection to keep it interesting without making it too complicated. I was fooled briefly when they found Melissa Wells with the gun to her head but as soon as Calleigh found the sand in the bullet I suspected her again.

I have to say that I love seeing Horatio and Eric go apeshit on bad guys together. Bad, I know, but I can't help it.

Walter saying goodbye to Jesse was really sad. Omar Miller was really convincing.

The basketball scene at the end was a good way for the team to deal with losing Jesse. Horatio seems much more involved in this episode. I hope that continues.

Foggy brain is foggy and needs sleep.

Night all...


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