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OMG sick again, new ipod, CSI: Miami...

OMG I think I'm getting sick again.

Scratchy throat, sneezing, headache...

Somebody shoot me.

I got the new ipod nano. It arrived today. It's so tiny but it holds a shitload of stuff. All of my music and all of my podcasts with plenty of room to spare.

(image from because none of my cameras want to work right now)

I finally got to watch CSI: Miami this evening. I tried to stay up last night but fell asleep before it came on.

I did my best to avoid any spoilers regarding the case.

The story was well done with just enough misdirection to keep it interesting without making it too complicated. I was fooled briefly when they found Melissa Wells with the gun to her head but as soon as Calleigh found the sand in the bullet I suspected her again.

I have to say that I love seeing Horatio and Eric go apeshit on bad guys together. Bad, I know, but I can't help it.

Walter saying goodbye to Jesse was really sad. Omar Miller was really convincing.

The basketball scene at the end was a good way for the team to deal with losing Jesse. Horatio seems much more involved in this episode. I hope that continues.

Foggy brain is foggy and needs sleep.

Night all...

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