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There are some things that have to be done around the house on a regular basis to keep one’s life in order, laundry, dishes, sweeping, dusting, cleaning. I wish I made enough money to just have a housekeeper.

Laundry and dishes are my top two least favorite things to have to do. Luckily, since I do most of the cooking, my husband does most of the dishes. I’ve also discovered that I have enough clothing to go three weeks without doing laundry. Of course, the problem then becomes, at the end of those three weeks I have three week of laundry to do all at once.

Procrastination is an evil bitch.

I’m off from work tomorrow so I have a three day weekend. I also have three weeks worth of laundry to do.

Three guesses how I’m spending my long weekend...

Tags: chores, weekend fail

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