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Random update is random...

-RMWP is coming along. Another 2K words down. Turns out Tommy Stetler is a bit of a wise-ass and likes to tease his younger brother. He’s also a flirt.

-My nephew, Alex, who turns six this month, just started the first grade and is learning to read. I got him a dozen or so level appropriate Supernan and Batman comic books for his birthday. I can’t wait to give them to him. Raising the next geek generation.

-Not sure why but I slept for 12 hours hours straight last night.

-It’s starting to feel like winter already. Down into the 30sF at night. I do not like it. I want to move south.

-I’ve given up on trying to record CSI: Miami. Aside from the whole delays from football thing, The Walking Dead is on Sunday night at the same time. Without any football to interfere. So I’m recording that and watching Miami on my computer.

-Speaking of Miami, last week’s episode was pretty good. They seem to be carrying on in the same vein as last season, which is a good thing. I was worried with Jesse gone and Eric back that they would slip into old patterns from the middle seasons. That doesn’t seem to be happening. Yet, anyway.

-We turn the clocks back tonight. Good because it will be light out in the morning when I leave for work. Bad because it will be dark out when I leave work. Dark and cold. :(

Can’t think of anything else right now, except this...

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