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Today, I win \o/ and this week's finds...

This week was actually fairly peaceful. I was able to hide in my office all week and do database testing for a major software upgrade we’re doing in February. That was until today anyway.

I’m the data owner for my division so all week was spent organizing test plans for each of the departments in my division, all front end stuff for the new software. I got all of the plans passed out by yesterday and had my own front end stuff all tested. I had cleared my entire day today to do the back end testing of the Oracle database. I do a lot of back end stuff (and not in a dirty way) through Access, so I need to make sure that once the change over to the new version of the software is done, all of my databases still work.

There was supposed to be a beta version of the software pushed to my desktop before I got in today. But when I started everything up and went to link the tables, the beta wasn’t there. I couldn’t get hold of the people in IT who would know what to do and after waiting around for two hour and several levels of Angry Birds for someone to get back to me I decided, fuck it, I’m going home. Still haven’t heard from IT.

So, three day weekend. YAY, I win!

I think I’ll pick up RMWP again this weekend. I hit a wall and had to take a break the past couple weeks. Frustrating because I’m almost done with it. I just don’t want the ending to be lame.

Not much else going on right now so, here are this weeks finds...

TSAnta by Adam Koford

Personally I think this is an Auto-Correct Win

Epic bunneh is epic

Holiday Font Fail

I think #3 is very good rule.



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