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My facebook policy

I had an interesting question come up a little while ago. Someone I know, not from LJ, from elsewhere, found out I had a facebook and was upset because I hadn't sent them a friends request.

Let me explain something in case others are feeling the same. I started the facebook as Aeon Cole. Almost everyone else I know has their facebook under their real name. They include family, coworkers, friends outside fandom. Some people don't want those two worlds to mix. For that reason, I made a decision not to add anyone who didn't request it, ie, friend me first.

I am not trying to exclude anyone. In fact, I have accepted every friends request I have gotten even when I don't recognize the name.

I am trying to cross post as much as possible but there is some content that is going on facebook and not here mostly because it's easy to post to facebook from my phone. The LJ app for the Droid is serviceable but posting pictures and links is much easier with the built in facebook app.

Anyway, that's the story, in case anyone was wondering.

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