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So, I ended up with another day off this week. We had an ice storm last night, the roads are icy and the computer system at the college is down. The dean told me not to bother. I’m not going to complain.

I spent most of the weekend sick and sleeping; actually my whole house is sick right now. I feel ok today so I’ve had time to catch up on the house stuff this morning.

Scored myself a pair of Uggs on Ebay for $60 last week. Yay me! They are the warmest shoes I’ve ever worn. I can see why people go nuts over them. These were pre-owned but in really good shape. I just had to order new insoles for them.


I’ve decided to start writing some personal stuff. (No, not that kind of personal stuff. =P) Mostly about my hobbies and stuff like that. I’m working on an essay about meteorites and collecting. Not too sciency but cool, with pics from my collection. I’ve picked up some really cool specimens over the past few weeks.

Got a couple of other things in the works too.

I guess that’s it for now. Gonna go eat lunch then try to chip the ice off my car.
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