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It’s almost March...

I realize that’s not news but it means the end is just that much closer. Every day I walk into my office I find out this place has sunk a little deeper into fail. I can’t talk about it yet but I have begun writing about it. Once I’m gone from here I’ll start posting what I’ve written. Though I can say, as a fiction writer, I could never have come up with this plot in a way that would make it believable.

I did have a pretty decent weekend. I finally cleared my DVR, 14 episodes of Big Bang Theory in a row on Saturday morning. I wish the DVR had a file system so I could file episodes into directories.

I’m all caught up on Fringe too. My buddy Ryan was right. I love the show. I also love the fact that J J Abrams is a David Lynch fanboy. The episode from a couple weeks ago, the one with Christoper Lloyd (which that alone was pretty cool), had the most obscure Twin Peaks reference that I’m sure a lot of the audience didn’t get. It was awesome :)

My folks have decided to get another dog. They picked out a 3 month old collie-husky mix puppy and put an application in to the shelter to adopt him. He was named at the shelter so we’re getting a dog named, wait for it... Gordon. I remember there was a kid at my elementary school named Gordon. He got teased a lot.

Oh, and I think the world must be coming to an end. It has to be a sign of the coming apocalypse that ALL of my students passed the first exam.

I’ll leave you with this...

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