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Update: General stuff, Yay stuff, Website stuff

I can haz spring nao... pleez?
I mean really, tomorrow is April 1. There is snow in the forecast. SNOW. Enough already. I need sun and 80 degree days and sun and no snow and sun and warm weather and sun and beach and... well, you get the idea.

General stuff...
I give up on trying to use LiveJournal as my RSS feed. It’s nice they try to accommodate that as a feature but it’s actual functionality pretty much sucks compared to dedicated RSS readers. I’ve switched over to Google Reader and so far I love it.

Plus, it’s silly to have my RSS go down because of a DDOS attack especially yesterday when I had nothing to do at work cuz the dean and I decided we’re not doing everyone else’s work for them anymore and I just sat here all day hunting around online for all of the blogs I read.

Lesson: All eggs + one basket = BAD IDEA

Yay stuff...
I’m getting a new MacBook Pro and it’s arriving today. I just bought it online Tuesday. I love Apple. It’s got a bigger screen and a bigger hard drive and more memory and well... just more in general.
Turns out Gordon Puppy is a really cool dog. He loves to play outside. I was in the kitchen yesterday afternoon and he walked over, took the sleeve of my shirt in his mouth and dragged me to the back door. He’s pretty smart for four months old. He’s already learned the basics of fetch and brings the ball back about 80% of the time.

Website stuff...
Sorry for the late notice but my site will come down tomorrow. I notified my ISP that I wanted to scale back to the basic free package and they will switch me to the smaller server on April 1. Unfortunately that server won’t accommodate my full site and will reduce the amount of traffic it can handle.

What I have decided to do, based on my analysis of the Google Analytics data I have collected over the past year, is to make the CSI: Miami zines available through a post here on this journal. The Miami fiction comprised 95% of the traffic on my site so I’m not going to bother with the other stuff. If anyone wants it, I will make PDFs available. Just ask.

Once the server migration is complete, I will post a page on the server directing people here.

Also, this will cause some links to break on this journal, mostly graphics posts which no one looks at anymore. Sorry. Not much I can do about that.

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