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One Day Epilogue - Repeat Performance

Title: One Day Epilogue – Repeat Performance

Author: Aeon Cole

Rating: FRAO

Warning: SLASH, Explicit MM sexual content

Fandom: CSI

Pairing: Gil Grissom/Nick Stokes

Disclaimer: Sigh, they are not mine.

Summary: This is a tag for One Day.  Follows chapter 20.  The challenge is done so the 300 word count restriction no longer applies.

Author’s Note: This is for Alisa who thought that I ended chapter 19 way to early.


Gil pulled Nick closer and rolled them over so that Nick was lying on his back.  He captured Nick’s mouth with his and pushed his tongue past his lips.  Nick opened his mouth to the invader and sighed as he felt Gil’s tongue sweep over every surface.


Nick ran his hands down Gil’s back and over his ass.  He felt the shiver that ran through the older man’s body.  Gil raised himself up and trailed kissed down Nick’s stubbled jaw and along his neck.  He took his time as he worked his way down to Nick’s chest and ran his tongue over one nipple earning him a gasp from his lover.


He took the nub in his mouth and suckled as the body beneath him arched up.  He smiled and moved to the other side to lavish the same attention there.  He was quickly learning Nick’s body and all of the places he liked to be touched.  He brushed one hand down Nick’s side and along his leg and then back up again.


He began placing kisses down Nick’s abdomen and noticed his breathing becoming more erratic.  He sat back and spread Nick’s legs positioning himself between them.  He ran his hands up his legs and as he locked eyes with Nick he ran one hand up his straining member and gently took his balls in the other.


Nick’s mouth fell open and Gil’s whispered to him, “You like that?”  All Nick could do was nod.  Gil pressed his thumb onto the tip of Nick’s cock and spread the pre-cum he found there.  Nick moaned and pushed up into Gil’s hand.  His body was now completely in Gil’s control.  And he didn’t mind one bit.


Gil reached over to the night stand and pulled out the lube and a condom.  He looked Nick in the eyes again.  Nick breathed, “I want to watch you this time.”  Gil nodded as he rolled the condom on.  He raised Nick’s legs and positioned himself.


He watched Nick’s head fall back onto the pillow as he slowly pushed in.  He stilled himself and waited for Nick to relax some.  His head was still back on the pillow when Gil said, “Look at me.”


Nick did his best to pry his eyes open and look up.  What he saw took his breath away.  Gil was looking down at him with his mouth slightly open and his eyes darkened with passion.  He kept his eyes fixed on his lover as Gil slowly pulled out and thrust back in. 


Nick moved his legs and locked his ankles behind Gil’s back.  It wasn’t long before both men were breathing heavily and aching for release.  Nick felt Gil’s hand wrap around his cock and in one stroke he let out a low moan and came pulling Gil over the edge with him.


Gil collapsed forward onto his hands and rested his forehead on Nick’s heaving chest.  It took him a few moments to catch his breath.  Nick recovered first and pulled Gil to him.  He placed a soft kiss on his lips and pulled the covers back up over them.  Gil rested his head on Nick’s shoulder as Nick idly wondered how he was going to concentrate at work today with the image of Gil pounding into him assaulted his memory.





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