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Another Rapid Fire Update...

My vacation started today. Whoo-Hoo! I actually slept late. Well, late for me seeing as how I get up at 0530 usually. 0800 is late, right? Because it’s all relative, yes?

I got a new TV this past weekend. My first HD flat-screen. My HDMI cables arrive today and tomorrow I can go pick up the new HD cable DVR box from Cablevision. I hate going to Cablevision. But tomorrow I’ll be able to watch TV in HD :)

I also ordered a Roku box so I can use Netfix and Amazon video on my TV instead of just my computer. Jumping into the 21st century with both feet.

I’ve discovered a downside to cooking with a slow cooker when I’m home all day. The whole apartment smells like food cooking... all day long. It’s hard to concentrate on anything when the air smells yummy.

My husband killed a large spider in the bathroom the other day. Then he proceeded to tell me about it. There was no good reason for him to tell me about it. It was already dead, and flushed, and gone. I didn’t need to know about it’s existence, really I didn’t. I am now paranoid to walk into the bathroom. Thanks a bunch.

But he just offered to go around the corner and get us breakfast so I win \o/

Ok, now I’ve been fed. Back to cleaning and straightening and other things domestic.




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Jun. 1st, 2011 11:08 pm (UTC)
I live with a baker and have the exact same problem when it comes to food smells.

*grin* I did the same thing to my poor mother, had a huge spider in my bed, got rid of it and then proceded to tell my poor mother who is terrified of spiders about it.

I WANT TIME OFF!! I need to sleep.
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