Aeon (aeoncole) wrote,

I haz a new TV :D

So, it took some doing but now I have a shiny new TV and HD cable. I know this is probably a stupid observation on my part considering I’m such a tech junkie and it is 2011 but, wow HDTV is super cool.

I literally waited until my old TV was dead before I upgraded. And, honestly, if the old set was still working, I wouldn’t have done it. The old set, a 27” Sony Trinitron, weighed like 80 pounds and the thought of having to get it down 2 sets of steps and out to the street was not a fun one. I was hoping to move before it died.

I also got a Roku box so I can use Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on the TV. And I can hook a computer up to it so I can watch CSI: Miami and NY. But since the shows are on hiatus right now, I’m not going to bother. With any luck we’ll be moved before they come back.

This whole new setup pretty much makes the cable hookup moot. The only reason I bothered with it is that my father can’t live without it. So since the house hooked up, I may as well. Once we move, I’ll just get the high speed internet hookup and not bother with cable.

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