Aeon (aeoncole) wrote,

An interesting couple of days...

There was a line of thunderstorms that past over the island the night before last. The storm took out a transformer near the college. The power was out in the whole neighborhood. After they fixed the transformer early yesterday morning, there was a power surge that took out the electric and emergency power for the building I work in.

It did this in a weird sort of way. There were random spots throughout the building that had power. My office was not one of those random places. And my office has no window. I spent half the day there yesterday before deciding to go home. I went in today for a couple of hours. I had meetings in another part of the campus that had power. They are threatening to have it fixed today but I wasn't going to wait around. Plus they wouldn't let any above the first floor. My office is on the second floor.

I felt bad for one of the professors yesterday who got stuck in the elevator for like an hour just when the power surge happened. There are many reasons why I avoid the elevators in that building.

At least I am off for the rest of the week. Hopefully everything is fixed by Monday.

Tags: stupid stuff

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