Aeon (aeoncole) wrote,

So, been a while...

Holy crap! We haven't had this much rain in a looooong time. Lido Beach hit 11 inches in less than 18 hours. That's at least two months worth of rain in less than a day. Many of the parkways looked like lakes yesterday. I sometimes forget that a lot of the island sits at or below sea level.

Good news: Both my courses are going to run.
Bad news: Too many in my 7am to meet with them individually during the day. I actually have to go to class at 7am this semester :-(

Entropy increases: The second law of thermodynamics is taking over at work. Things are falling apart more quickly than we imagined. Hopefully we'll be out of here sometime this spring. Not sure how much longer there's actually going to be a college here.

Finally almost done with the first Game of Thrones book. I had to put it down for a while when things got crazy busy around here last month. I feel like I've come late to the party though. Everyone I know is talking about A Dance With Dragons. I have four more books before I get there.

Still kind of bummed that I've missed all the cons this year. But I saved a ton of money that I will need when/if we ever move out of here. Though I may nip into the city for a day for NYCC in October. We'll see.

Well, almost 9am and time for the morning meeting.

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