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Irene Update

So, we're just starting to get the outermost edge of the rain. I'm stuck in the house with my 70 year old father, my 92 year old grandmother and a neurotic dog who is not used to sharing his house with strangers(my grandmother). Oh yeah, and my husband who is, very wisely, staying out of the way.

Grandma was in a mandatory evacuation zone. She lives less than a quarter mile from the shore. She's not too happy about being evacuated but I rather have her cranky and safe then stuck in her house with no services.

I swear, next hurricane, I'm going on vacation and leaving my mother to deal with all this crap. She's sunning it up in Florida right now. I think I have everything battened down. Our handyman stopped by this afternoon and checked the generator. We have enough gas to last a couple of days if necessary. At this point every part of my body aches and my knees especially.

Personally I'm hoping to sleep through the first half of this storm. The eye is supposed to come ashore around 0830 tomorrow(Sunday). The storm has also weakened so it may drop to a tropical storm as soon as it hits land.

Must go collapse...

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