Aeon (aeoncole) wrote,

I've come to love the little diner in my town. I go there for breakfast once and a while before work on the days I don't teach. It's small, doesn't sit many people. It's quiet in the morning. They play 50s music. And I can eat eggs and bacon and french fries for breakfast. Nice atmosphere and a pleasant start to my day.

Of course, this was the prelude to a tech meeting I have later. Me, one tech person, one semi tech-literate person, and one moronic complete waste of DNA. Really, I don't need to be there but I think I'm just the security blanket for the semi-tech literate who called the meeting. Oh well, at least tomorrow's payday.

Oh yeah, and I got the shipping notice for my new iPhone. *happy dance* How bad is it that I'm already going through the iTunes store looking for apps for it. I have a long list.


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