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Okay, I know that at some point I said I would never do this but with all of the changes at LiveJournal of late, I feel that the time has come to friends lock my journal.  This process will take some time because my journal is fairly large, almost 200 entries.  I will lock it down as quickly as possible but it will still take me about a week.

After this process is done, I will begin the process of age verification.  As bjjonesso eloquently put it, "I'm going to make sure my journal and I are safe from wandering young eyes and itchy flagging fingers."  You will need to have an age statement on your profile saying you are over 18 or have the birth year showing on your birth date.

I have already gone through my friends list and can verify most of you and if you are someone that I chat with regularly off LiveJournal, you have no need to worry.  Unfortunately, I can also verify that a couple of you are under 18 and I will have to remove you.  Again, I appologize for this but I feel the climate around here now dictates that I do this.

I will continue to post my fiction and appropriate graphis to the communities that I currently post to.  It is up to the mods of those communities to determine what is appropriate and what is not for their communities, not me.  And my fiction is still available on under the username aeon65 or at my website.

If, in the end, I remove you in error please email me at the email address on my profile or respond to the 'friends only post' that will appear on my journal and I will remedy the situation.
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