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Obligitory New Year's Post...

So let's see...

At Christmas I found out my niece(4) and nephew(7) are huge Doctor Who fans. They seemed really surprised to find out that I am also. When my phone alerted for an email, it made a TARDIS noise and I suddenly achieved god-like status. I knew my nephew was a nerd in training but I had no idea about my niece.

I've got my iPhone all tricked out. There really is an app for just about anything. I love that I have access to essentially any information I could possibly need right at my finger tips anywhere I am. I've even used Ianto's line, "I know everything," more than once when I've been able to grab obscure facts quickly.

I do need a new iPad. The top of the touchscreen has lost it's sensitivity. I can tap but I can't drag over the top 25% of the screen. It's annoying because, for the time being, if I need to do something at the top of the screen, I have to turn the iPad upside down (first world problems). I'm holding out for an iPad 3. All the rumors are pointing to February for it's release. I can live with it for that long.

I've been off from work since December 23rd. For the first time ever, they gave us the whole week between Christmas and New Year's off so I didn't have to use any vacation days. It's been REALLY nice. But I have to go back tomorrow :(

My Christmas present to myself this year is new glasses. I should have them at the end of the week. I got the one's I'm wearing now when I was short on cash and they were cheap. Really cheap, in fact. But the never fit quite right and are always sliding down my nose. I found a pair I like that actually fit properly.

Well, given my exciting life :-/ I can't think of anything else right now and I have to go food shopping.

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