Aeon (aeoncole) wrote,

Update (promise no more whining)

Things are looking up...

I've managed to get through the last few days without getting sick or hurting myself. I consider this a significant improvement over the previous two weeks. The bronchitis is completely gone and I can finally start doing some of the stuff I was planning to start doing two weeks ago.

So, it's only taken four episodes for me to get completely bored with Alcatraz. It had a promising pilot and an interesting concept but it's basically just a procedural crime drama and I tired of those quite a while ago. Oh well.

I have been watching The Fades on BBC America and really like it. It keeps my attention and has an interesting storyline. But I am partial to supernatural thriller type shows.

Now that I'm feeling better and have my concentration back, I want to finish the backlog of books I have sitting on my Kindle and iPad. I want to finish the Game of Thrones series and I just downloaded Neil Gaiman's American Gods. Yeah, I know, late to the party. What else is new.

I'm supposed to get together with Kevin this week. Hopefully we can start working on a new job. I'm really not cut out for the retirement lifestyle. I'm way to used to having somewhere to go every day.

Ok, guess that's it for now.

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