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Evidence (Horatio Caine POV)

Title: Evidence

Author: Aeon Cole

Rating: FRT

Fandom: CSI Miami

Word Count: 300

Spoilers: None to speak of.

Prompt: #8 Faith

Table: Philosophy20

Disclaimer: I don’t own them and I am not making any money from this.

Summary: Sometimes the evidence just isn’t there. Horatio’s POV.

Author’s Note: This is not part of my H/Speed universe.  This show canon.  For the philosophy_20 challenge on LiveJournal.

Author’s Note 2: I’m not sure why this particular challenge is presenting itself in the form of drabbles.  I was hoping to write some longer stuff for it but, oh well.



Sometimes, at the end of the day, I have to ask myself if it’s all worth it.  Crime existed long before I got here and it will exist long after I’m gone.  Some days I wonder just how much of a difference I make.  You see, in the end, it’s all about the evidence, despite what I’ve said a million times to my team that it’s supposed to be about the victims.  If the evidence isn’t there, the bad guy walks free.


The truly frustrating part is that, sometimes, there is no doubt in my mind that the guy sitting across the table from me in the interrogation room committed the crime that I’m investigating.  I know it.  He knows it.  He knows that I know it.  But in the end, if the evidence isn’t there, he walks free.  Sometimes the bad guy is just a little smarter, a little luckier than we are, and he walks away.


It’s on days like this that I start to wonder if I’m doing all I can do.  I wonder, if I could just find that one more piece of evidence, that one fingerprint, that one connection, maybe I can stop another crime.  And it’s on days like that I will push myself beyond reason until someone makes me see that there is nowhere else to look, no one else to interrogate, no more evidence to be found.


In the end I have to have faith.  Faith in myself that under different circumstances I will find the evidence.  Faith in my team to do what they are trained to do to the best of their abilities.  And faith that the ones who get away will eventually make mistakes that will result in their ultimate downfall.  Preferably before too many people are hurt.



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