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Drabbles100 Promts Purple, Food, Fire

Title: Purple

Author: Aeon Cole

Fandom: CSI Miami

Character: Timothy Speedle

Warning: Implied Slash

Prompt: #16 Purple // table

Word Count: 100

Rating: PG


Horatio was wearing that shirt again.  Tim watched him from the other side of the lab.  That purple shirt.  It made his eyes look a deep shade of blue and brought out the red of his hair, making it look like his head was on fire.  He was staring now.


Tim approached him from behind and wrapped his arms around Horatio’s waist, leaning his chin on the other man’s shoulder.  “Do you have any idea what that shirt does to me?” he asked.  Horatio smirked and Tim realized that he did.  Tim kissed along Horatio’s neck.  “Let’s find somewhere private.”




Title: Food

Author: Aeon Cole

Fandom: CSI Miami

Character: Timothy Speedle

Prompt: #59 food // table

Word Count: 100

Rating: G



Speed walked into the break room, happy to see he was alone.  He had run out to the thai place to grab some take out.  He popped open his container of pahd thai and dug in.  The spicy peanut flavor of the noodles tingled on his tongue.


In short order, Eric showed up at the door.  “Ooh, thai food,” he said with a smile.


Speed glared at him.  “Get your own,” he snapped.


“Come on,” Eric pleaded.  “You’re not going to eat all that by yourself.”


Speed sighed and handed Eric a pair of chopsticks.  Food was always better shared.




Title: Fire

Author: Aeon Cole

Fandom: CSI Miami

Character: Timothy Speedle

Warning: Slash

Prompt: #52 fire // table

Word Count: 100

Rating: R



Speed’s skin was on fire.  Everywhere Horatio touched and kissed left him burning.  Horatio’s fingers left fiery trails as they worked their way down his ribcage.  He kissed up Speed’s neck and face, leaving a burning line along his jaw.  He latched on to Speed’s mouth for a tongue tangling kiss that left his lips hot and his lungs burning for air. 


Even the thin sheen of perspiration that covered him did nothing to cool the heat that Horatio was causing.  A bead of sweat trickled down his face.  Speed closed his eyes and allowed the fire to consume him.


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