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I had to fill my gas tank this morning...

You know gas prices have gotten out of control when you're sitting at home watching the episode of Supernatural that you recorded last week and hadn't had time to watch yet and when the Impala rolls on screen the first thing that runs through your mind is, "Damn, that thing must eat gas."


We've hit $4.10 per gallon in my area and that's an average; some places are already at $4.20.  Though I don't have it as bad as some people around here.  We have the largest Hummer dealer in New York near by.  It's right down the road from me.  A surprising number of people drive them around here.  I can't imagine what it costs to keep one of those things in gas.  All I know is that it now cost me $40 to fill the tank on my little Kia hatchback.  Luckily it also lasts me for 10 days but still.  It's not even Memorial Day yet.
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