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Official Timeline for Friends and Family Universe

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now in order to keep things straight with the series timeline.  The entire first year of Friends and Family takes place prior to season one of the show.  So going into season one, Horatio and Speed are already together and married.  I’ve had this timeline in my head while writing this series but it has helped me to get it out and onto paper.  There are a few episodes in season two that I want to touch on in future stories and this makes it easier to pace myself as I’m writing.  And I will be adding this to my website this weekend.  Anyway, here is the official timeline for the main arc of Friends and Family…


Love Hurt and Sprouts  7/20/2001


Morning After  7/21/2001


A Night Out  10/26/2001


Discoveries  11/20/2001 - 11/24/2001


Past Imperfect  4/22/2002 - 4/27/2002


Triquetra  7/20/2002 - 7/27/2002


Moving In  10/12/2002


Revelations  11/6/2002 - 11/8/2002


Memories of Things Past  1/15/2003


Homecoming  1/27/2003 - 1/28/2003


Family Ties  2/27/2003 - 3/10/2003


The Box  3/21/2003


Reconciliation  4/3/2003 - 4/18/2003


Dinner With Dad  6/19/2003


Past and Present  7/16/2003 - 7/21/2003


Michael  7/22/2003 - to be determined



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