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Interest Meme part 3

This is the third set of answers for the interest meme:

nakeisha asked me about babylon5, dr. who, danny/don, invader zim, mst3k, photography, and writing.

Babylon 5

A science fiction universe comparable in level of complexity to Star Wars.  It was an epic series created by J. Michael Straczynski.  It centered on the Babylon 5 space station which was the center for inter-planetary diplomacy, sort of United Nations style.  Set around 2255, the show incorporated many different alien cultures and won several awards for costumes and special effects but the real draw for me and many others was the writing.  The show has been described as a novel for television.  It had depth of both character and storyline and is still my favorite television show to go back a re-watch.



Danny Messer and Don Flack from CSI NY have a great relationship on the show that naturally translates into slash for me.  There are a lot of different pairings for Danny on the show but this one flows most naturally from their relationship on screen.


Dr. Who

Okay, this one is a little tricky here because I don’t want to piss off any Dr. Who fans.  But I am a fan of the old series.  I’ve seen some of the new series but I cut my teeth on the old one and as cheesy as it was I still prefer it.  When I was younger, like high school age, I used to go to scifi conventions and Dr. Who conventions all of the time.  I traveled all over for them.  I had the opportunity to meet three of the actors who played the Doctor, John Pertwee, Peter Davidson, and Tom Baker.  I was completely obsessed as a kid.


Invader Zim

This is a cartoon show in the US.  Zim is an alien from a race of invaders who landed on Earth after being exiled from his planet.  He tries to blend into earth society as he tries to figure out ways to bring down earth society down for his superiors.  I am a cartoon addict and this one is very funny.



Mystery Science Theater 3000, the greatest idea for a television show ever conceived by anyone.  The first episode appeared on KTMA-TV in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.  The concept was simply brilliant.  This guy, Joe, was stranded on a space ship by and evil scientist and force-fed cheesy movies as a psychological experiment.  He built himself a few robot pals and together they would watch these movies and comment on them.  The show was absolutely hysterical and I was hooked after the very first episode I saw on cable.



I received my first camera from my uncle when I was six and was hooked.  When I was younger I dreamed of traveling the world as a photographer for National Geographic. *eyes Dino* I actually applied to them and sent a portfolio but was never granted an interview.  They are very selective.  I still take pictures and have won several awards for my photographs and I’ve been published a couple of times in various coffee table books.  I have a website for my photos,



Writing is something I came to later in life and apparently I have a talent for it, big surprise to me.  I started to write seriously about three years ago and started uploading my stories for others to read about a year and a half ago.  I now have reached the point where I actually think of myself as a writer and I have started to write some things outside of fandom that I hope to get published.


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