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So I'm getting ready to move my office...

After meeting with the dean, I decided to forgo the office with the window. I wouldn't be able to move in until late August and I didn't want to wait that long. You'll see why in a minute. So I'm moving into an office that is actually larger which is good because now I can take my file cabinet with me. So I spent yesterday packing. I'm off Monday and should be able to start moving in to the new office on Tuesday. Here are some farewell pics of my current office (actually a cubicle).

I'm standing in the entrance looking in:

Closeup on my usually messy desk. There is almost always a cup of coffee in that spot there:

Here is why I want out. My cube is right out in the middle of the waiting room:

All my boxes ready to go. Yay!

I'll post some pics of the new place once I'm all moved in.
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