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To post or not to post...

 K, so, here's the deal.  I don't think I can continue with the Sunday morning Smut this summer.  Smitty, my smut bunny, has spent a lot of time napping the last few weeks.  Basically the stuff I'm writing lately is not doing for me.  I'm running out of ideas and everything I come up with seems repetitive.  So it's hiatus time again.  I need time to work on some other things, not the least of which is Club Descent III.

However there are still five more Sundays before school starts again so my question to you is this...

Do I do what I did this past week and pull SMS stories out of the archive and repost for the rest of the summer or should I not bother and just say they are all available on my website, go read what you want when you want.  I don't want to spam anyone's inbox if you don't want it.

Poll #1227620 SMS Poll
This poll is closed.

Should I repost old SMS stories for the rest of the summer?

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